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We are here to highlight Malaysia’s best fruits, food and snacks. 

We help farmers to get Malaysian’s best fruits out there. We are also supporting new local food & beverages entrepreneurs to connect with you!

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Healthy Snacks

Brought to you by Osuda.

Pamper yourself with freeze dried fresh fruits today. It's not just heathy but thank god it actually taste good. Keep a healthy lifestyle while snacking!

Naughty Snacks

Brought to you by the Damn Single Guys.

Sometimes you just have to have some sinful snacks to make your day. These single guys really know how to make popcorns that blow your mind away.
Damn Single


My first reaction was how perfectly round those popcorn are and how it taste so good! My go-to flavour is the seaweed and cheese.

Sandra B

Bought the Damn Single Popcorn

The cheese popcorn was amazing, reminds me of super rings. The flavour was so intense, it had me poppin'.

Although those Damn Single guys might not loved, but their popcorn definitely will.

Nicholas O.

Bought the Damn Single Popcorn

It's just so addictive and I can't stop eating. Once you pop, you can't stop. Their popcorns are amazingly round and large and all the same size. QC checked.

Nicole K

Bought the Damn Single Popcorn